COVID 19, The working rules are :-
  I keep a safe working distance of 2 metres !
A face covering must be worn in reception !
Only one customer in reception to pay or get a price !
I can put a chair outside or in reception depending on the weather while you wait.
I have a white link chain across my door and around my outside working area.
Therefore booking a "time slot" is essential to do your job!
Thank you, Andy and Lizzie

At The PitStop, bike tyres are supplied and fitted by an enthusiast (me) who takes great care of your pride and joy
 My services include the following for motorbikes
For the best ride in / ride out service, or the friendliest D.I.Y. facilities in Yorkshire, look no further, come visit & talk to me to discuss your requirements.
    We can work in one of three ways.
1/ Remove your own wheel at home (leave axle shafts and spacers etc at home, but do bring the sprocket with the rear wheel)
2/ Ride the bike here and remove your own wheels, (outside due to Covid19) FREE use of tools, padock stands.
3/ Use our ride in ride out service & watch from a safe distance and a good chat !
    I remove and refit a single wheel for £20.00 or both wheels for £30.00. This is for most road bikes, sports bikes, super bikes and super moto bikes. For cruisers & custom bikes, please give me a call.
         I am sorry to say, I am unable to supply or fit "Minimoto / Pitbike" tyres.  
  I have workshop paddock stands including those for bikes with single rear arms, such as BMW, Triumph, Honda, Ducatti etc. I will help you get the bike safely mounted on paddock stands. Tools are available for you to use ! Please only ask to use this service if you are competent at doing the job in hand. 

Tyre fitting & wheel balancing (customer supplied tyre) on loose wheels 
 Tyres fitted / balanced on cast alloy wheels £20.00 each (standard tubeless radial / crossply tyres).
(Ride in / Ride out service available for an extra fee for most bikes, £20 single wheel, £35 both wheels).
 Tyre removed only £5.00 (usually for painting), Refit at a later date £15.00
 Tube type fitments on wire spoke wheels, £25.00 plus tube and rim tape (usually around £15.00)
 Tube type tyre fitment on "Rim lock" type classic bike wheels, £30.00 plus tube and rim tape
                                           Please note, I do NOT refit old tubes !
PLEASE NOTE, I do NOT fit customer supplied knobbly "Trials" / "Motocross" / "Minimoto" tyres or any other "off road" type tyre.

Don't forget to ask for angled valves for your motorcycle rims. Available Black or Silver, Ideal replacement for your rubber valves so no more fighting between discs and sprockets with an air line to check your pressures, at only £7.20 each including fitting when you have a new tyre fitted.
Electronic wheel balancing, On our dedicated electronic balancing machine, for all types of road / track bikes including single rear arm bikes such as BMW, Honda, Ducati, Triumph etc that require special adaptors. This service is Free when  we are fitting tyres that you have purchased from us.
Customers wheel balancing, single wheel £10.00, Both wheels £15.00.
Puncture repairs
rear tyres, repairs up to "VR" rated £15.00 (EXCLUDES all "ZR" rated tyres and ANY fronts).
Leaking alloy rims usually require a  "bead seal" repair @ £25.00 per wheel.
A tubeless valve replacement costs £15.00 (std rubber valve), Metal straight or angled valves + £7.20
All "tube tyre" tyres will need a new replacement inner tube fitting, to which we stock many sizes.
Please do NOT bring your own tube.



Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly !