I am the appointed Dunlop "motorcycle" tyre supplier for the Huddersfield area


The most popular Dunlop motorcycle tyres are described below, however, for more information
use this link   dunlopmotorcycle.co.uk

Dunlop RoadSmart 3   In stock  120/70 plus 180/55zr17 £255.00 !  (as fitted to my own bike)

Whether it’s long haul touring or demanding road-riding; the NEW RoadSmart III offers precision handling and stability without compromise. The innovative new tread design and nano technology compound provide maximum grip and performance on both wet and dry roads whilst delivering improved mileage above the RoadSmart 2. From heavy large-capacity GT’s to the latest spritely mid-size twins, Dunlop’s RoadSmart III offers it all. For more information, check out Dunlop's own page

Dunlop GPR-300   In Stock  120/70 plus 180/55zr17 pair only £150.00 !    
  Dunlop's great value tyre for City/Urban commuting and light Touring use. New pattern designed to deliver safe performance in all urban conditions. Light and flexible construction for comfort, smooth handling and reassuring stability.new Silica-blend compound improves both mileage and wet grip. For the key benefits check out DUNLOP's own page.

Dunlop SportSmart2MAX   In stock 120/70 plus 180/55zr17 pair £210 !
 Dunlop's new technologically advanced tyre for sport bikes, delivering comfort, superior handling (over the original SportSmart), optimised wet and dry grip, durability and high speed potential. The technology behind SportSmart² has been developed by Dunlop's European research and development team and is derived from products that have proved to be winners in racing, such as the D212 GP Pro.

Dunlop Qualifier 2   In stock, 120/70 plus 180/55zr17 Pair only £165.00 !
 For Supersport riders who need to have confidence in their tyres whether it’s wet or dry, the Qualifier II is the ultimate solution. Designed to help demanding riders cope with the ever advancing Supersports machines, the Qualifier II delivers everything the modern sports rider needs in performance terms whilst not sacrificing reliability and tyre life. For the key benefits check out DUNLOP's own page

Dunlop TrailSmart MAX
 The adventure tyre that takes you wherever the road takes you. Revised tread pattern for improved mileage, Improved wet performance, right up to the limit, Optimal balance between on- and off-road capabilities, Exceptional cornering grip in all conditions, Size kit adapted to suit the latest high-performance adventure bikes,
Check out DUNLOP's own  page

Dunlop Classic bike tyres
 Dunlop classic tyres are available in most of the classic bike sizes, and as they are a "tube type" tyre, must be fitted with an inner tube regardless of the type of rim to be fitted on. We always fit a new tube and rim tape as this is a safety related concern. They are made in 3 patterns, K70 rears, K81 (TT100) universal & K82 universal.
 . Great care is taken with all wheels, but as I am sure you will appreciate, fitting tyres to classic wire spoked wheels is much more time consuming than modern tubeless wheels. I prefer to have the wheels left with us, then I will call you when it is ready to be collected.
 Supply only prices are available for those of you who wish to fit your own tyres !
Please ring Andy for a price on tyres / tubes & rim tapes that you need. We keep a good range in stock. 

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