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  It's JANUARY 2020 ! Winter is with us NOW,  wet, cold & frosty !
  Winter brings cold, wet weather, frost, sleet and probably snow, therefore your tyres need to be up to the job  they need to do and fit for purpose.
Winter tyres
 Work best in temperatures of 7 degrees and lower. They are not just "Snow tyres", but actually are "Cold Weather" tyres. This means they perform better in ALL the conditions that Winter brings.
1/ They are NOT soft rubber, but the compounds are formulated to keep "flexible" in these lower temperatures, thus maintaining the level of grip required. Our normal summer tyres loose grip as the compounds stiffen up at low temperatures, with the resulting loss of grip.
2/ Winter tyres have a large quantity of "sipes", they are small grooves in the tread that act like a squeegee, removing much more water from under the tyre, making driving on wet roads far safer.
3/ The tread design is of a very "corse" design with large grooves and more cutting edges to cope with Snow and Sleet. Winter tyres with good self clearing properties help keep you on the move, and also just as important, Stop ! (especially down hill). 
Have you bought your new tyres online already? Car, Van, 4x4, SUV ?
That's ok,  I offer a "fitting only service"
I can fit your own bike tyres to loose wheels, or supply and fit them.
What new tyres are you going to fit?
Please give me a call to discuss your requirements .
Need a spare wheel for your car, van, 4x4 or SUV?
  Not a problem, I can supply a new spare wheel / tyre  for "most" vehicles.
Classic car and motorcycle tyres fitted and balanced,
Please go to my classic car page / classic bike page to see examples of what I do 
I am also an enthusiast my self (1970 Triumph TR6 under restoration)
I am an independent business offering a wide range of Car tyres and Van tyres including SUV / 4x4 plus Motorcycle tyres and Scooter tyres. I fit tyres from quality budget tyres to top of the range premium brand names. If it's not in stock, I get many deliveries everyday so I can sort out your requirements quickly and efficiently!
  I am not a "National" company where you are nothing more than a daily statistic, to us you are the reason we have a business ! I just want to supply and serve you in the best possible way, and that is  to treat you with honesty & integrity, that way I know you will come back again !
 My prices are the best prices I can give you ALL the time, every day, every week with the benefit of the best quality service around. Although I am a City & Guilds motor engineer by trade, I choose to specialise in this aspect of the motor trade many years ago. 
 I have a small clean and tidy customer reception/waiting area. Please be reassured, you, your car and your wheels will be treated with respect !
 The advice I give will be honest and delivered with integrity ! Should you need any work to be carried out, then the price I will give you is the price that you will pay, NO hidden extra's. If for any reason, I find something unexpected like a seized TPMS valve or a failed TPMS sensor, the job stops until we have had another chat and you have decided what to do next !

So if you would like to be treated like a real person, want good customer service or just simply want simple honest advice, then come visit me at the garage. I am an "old school motor engineer" with over 43 years experience in the business, so I can usually find an answer to your problem !
Please check the contact page for directions.



Please don't let your tyres get like these above ! 

Illegal. bald with and with the wire hanging out ! 



It has taken thousands of mile to get from the "LEGAL" limit
to the very poor condition these tyres are in.
I removed all of these tyres from customers cars (and one motorcycle) !
Legal issues, 3 points and up to £3000 fine PER tyre,
plus an increase in insurance costs for at least the next 3 years!

Please note, my website is designed and maintained by myself, so it is not very posh or fancy, in fact I know it's a bit basic, but what you see is what you get. I am a very good Motor Engineer, but a poor computer geek ! Thank you for looking around my site, I hope you find it helpful. I always try to keep it straight forward and "techno jargon free".
  Thanks again, Andy.

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